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Cisdem DataRecovery is a simple tool that lets you recover any file that's been deleted by mistake from your computer or removable hard drives without needing to deal with advanced settings. The program scans and recovers the information in a basic and simple way.

The program lets you distinguish between text documents (in the formats: doc, pdf, txt, wpd, accdb, cwk, etc.), multimedia files like images, videos, and photos, zip files (7z, rar, zip, gz, etc.), and in general, any file that's been deleted by accident, disk failure, unexpected formatting, or an incorrect operation that caused files to disappear.

Once you select the type of files you want to recover and the storage device to scan, the program takes a few minutes to locate all the content that can be accessed, although it can't always be recovered completely, especially in cases of multimedia files that could have corrupt parts. The found content is shown according to the different formats available, making it easier to determine which files you actually need to recover and other content that remains unnecessary.

The trial version shows all the files that can be recovered but doesn't allow access to them. To save the files, the complete version is required.

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